Little black bug thing? Insect Identification

Asked March 1, 2019, 2:15 AM EST

Found this little guy crawling on my bed. What is it? Could there be more, like a colony? Or did this one luckily sneak in on it's own?

Sorry I can't observe it's behaviour because I got suprised when I saw it and burned it with my rice sock :(

Need help as soon as possible because I'm kind of scared

District of Columbia

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Your photos are not clear enough for us to determine what you have there. We'd also need something else in the photo (coin, ruler) to be able to estimate size and narrow down the possibilities.
Basically though, there are few insect pests of great concern. Others, like lady beetles (which have some variability in color) are harmless but may congregate indoors in cold weather. They are not reproducing there.

The one possibility that you should explore is bedbugs. They are nothing scary as they don't transmit disease, but they have made a comeback and can be challenging to get rid of.
Here is our information on them: