Chickens with throats cut open

Asked February 28, 2019, 10:30 AM EST

This morning I found 4 of my chickens dead, with their throats cut open. The remaining 5 were unharmed. The dead chickens were uneaten in any other way. What kind of animal might have done this? I live in a primarily wooded areas, and we do have fischers and weasels, but I can't imagine any of them would do this without eating something. Can you help explain?

Albany County New York

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Even before I read your whole question I was thinking it was a weasel that had done that. The only thing that makes it a little different from my experience, is that weasels will eat the entire head of the bird. With that said them just ripping the throats out isn't too far fetched.

As for the reason why the do that I have no good explanation....sorry

I've had that response from others as well, and I wouldn't be surprised. A couple of years back I found a dead ermine in my yard, with one large wound in the back of its head, apparently taken down by my intrepid chickens. We have weasels and fishers in our area, I know. Here's my next question: Someone told me that weasels will lap up the blood from their kill. Is this true? If so, it would explain the absence of blood in the kill zone.


I am not sure if weasels lap up the blood or not. I do know that some people claim this happens; however there isn't strong evidence that this is true.