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Asked February 28, 2019, 9:23 AM EST

I'm interested in planting 3 dwarf apple trees in my front yard. Can you recommend which varieties to buy, two of 1, 1 of another for cross pollination or 3 different types. Also want them to look nice together. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. Thank you.

Sussex County Delaware

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Hello and thank you for contacting Ask An Expert.

Are you interested more in the taste of the apples or the aesthetics of the trees?

If it is the apples, then what are you planning on using them for?

It depends on your personal tastes both for the flavor of the apple and appeal for the eye.

You mentioned getting different cultivars to plant for better pollination, but I am guessing you want them to be uniform in appearance. You will need to pay attention to the height of the adult trees and the timing of the crops. If you have a picture in your mind of three trees being at the same stage of fruit production all at once then you will need to know when they would bear their fruit, or if you are thinking about having an abundance of apples through out the growing season you may want to have an early bearing/mid-bearing/late bearing collection, that way you will have apples through the apple growing period.

Here are some important things (but not the only things) to consider:
- Plant more than one tree if you want them to produce fruit
- Trees need to be planted with other trees that flower around the same time as each other
- Different cultivars have different uses - (eating, baking, cider making)
- climate requirements - make sure the trees are able to grow in your climate (USDA climate zone map here: https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/)
- trees need to be planted within 50 feet of each other to cross-pollinate

For more information on growing fruit trees in Delaware you can check out our fact sheet here: http://extension.udel.edu/factsheets/home-orchard-production-apple-pear-and-stone-fruit-disease-mana...

I'll be honest with you - growing apple trees in Delaware can be a challenge. Hopefully this response and the link included with offer you the information you are looking for.

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Happy gardening



J.W. Wistermayer