Best time to transplant an avacado plant

Asked February 27, 2019, 4:04 PM EST

Received a call in the office. A client has a 12" high avacado plant. She wants to know when is the best time (or size) to transplant to a larger pot. Could you please also pass along any other general info about growing avacados too.

Clare County Michigan

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An avocado is an excellent "kitchen waste" houseplant! The are fun to sprout and easy to grow. In the home environment they like bright light and humidity above 50% (which is a bit tough inside during Michigan winters). Spring is the best time to transplant just about any houseplant as increasing day length spurs growth. Plant your avocado into a container (with a drainage hole) one size up from the pot it is currently in. Repotting time is a good time to add a stake as these plants can get floppy.

In a few years your plant may outgrow your house! When this happens just start a new one (unless you want to build a greenhouse). It will not bear fruit in the home for a long time if ever.

I've included a view links with more information. Enjoy!