selecting a profitable crop

Asked February 27, 2019, 9:32 AM EST

Hello, I live in Metamora Michigan and I own 46 acres, 3/4 of which is non forested open field. Some of the land has a slight roll to small gradual hill. I have owned the land for 20 years and have never sprayed the land with any chemical. Prior to my owning the land and building our home with a small horse area, a neighbor farmed the open fields with a rotation of corn/soybean. I am interested in growing something for profit and would like to know if you have any resources to help me decide what to grow. I do have funds available for start up. I have heard many different crops such as lavender, herbs, mushrooms, ect. I would start as a hobby size in the beginning to get the kinks worked out, and expand from there. Please advise. thanks, Kris

Lapeer County Michigan

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This is a very good question that a number of farmers have. I have little doubt that you can grow some of the crops mentioned. I think the real challenge you will face is growing crops that people are buying and you can have adequate margin. I would first suggest doing some market research to identify demand for the above mentioned crops. You could do this on your own or contact the MSU Product Center. They have staff across the state that can assist you.
I always ask the question where are going to sell and to whom. I think you are close enough to markets like the Eastern Market. I suggest you go there or other markets and stores in your area and see what people are buying. Finding your niche is the key. Grow something that no one else is growing. So visit the MSU Product Center first and see what they offer then contact one of them for the next steps.
Let me know how thing go and feel free to ask me questions.