Asked February 27, 2019, 6:39 AM EST

We moved into our house August of 17'. We have an old knarly looking pear tree that I absolutely love but when we moved in it was tied in to a grove of weed trees and absolutely wrapped and covered in poision ivy. We cut off the poison ivy at the base and pulled everything out that we could. There is no more living ivy on it. This past year it put off a couple fruits at the tippy top but not much in the way of leaves toward the bottom- only top. I'd love someone to be able to look at it to see if they think it's recovering or if it's not going to make it.

Frederick County Maryland

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Fruiting pear trees should be in almost 100% sun. Maybe a little afternoon shade. They need sun in order to fruit. It this tree is in a grove of trees, it's likely that the bottom foliage has been shaded out at this time.

If you can cut away surrounding trees shading this tree--and perhaps do some rejuvenation pruning--you may be able to get a good fruiting pear out of it.

We recommend that you send us photos of the tree attached to a reply. We are not staffed to do house calls, but we have horticulturalists etc. here that can look at it. We need to see the entire tree. Closer clear views of parts of the tree may be helpful, too.

On our website, go to Topics > Fruit > Tree fruit > Pears, for information on cultural care of pear trees, including pruning.