Tiny Apple sapling needs reporting?

Asked February 26, 2019, 8:39 PM EST

I have a really tiny Apple sapling in a fairly small pot. It has stopped growing upward and out, but had just kind of sat there. Does it need to be moved to a larger pot? If you notice some leaf tears, that was just from my cat and the plant itself is fine

Travis County Texas

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I would bump it up myself but in a pot no larger than twice the size of the current pot. When you take it out to pot it up, if you notice that the plant is root bound, you will definitely know that's the right move. I would fertilize it with an organic fruit fertilizer at half strength after moving it to the new pot.

Good luck

What kind of soil would you recommend using?

I would use a 50% - 50% mix of a good soilless potting mix and compost. Many local supply stores, like Brite Ideas, and local nurseries, like Barton Springs Nursery, the Natural Gardener or the Great Outdoors, can recommend a potting mix for your application.