Elder Financial Exploitation

Asked February 23, 2019, 3:39 PM EST

Is financial exploitation of a senior citizen a criminal or civil matter? What are the primary determining factors? What is the best way to find a lawyer to review Elder Financial Exploitation?

Park County Wyoming

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Thank you for your question. Here is a link to a University of Wyoming article which details what it is and has resources to contact if you believe the factors are present: http://www.uwyo.edu/uwe/programs/money/elder-financial-exploitation.html

There are both criminal (prosecuted by a district attorney) and civil (brought on behalf of the abused person by a conservator, guardian ad litem or responsible person) in every state. I suggest you use the link to 'finding an elder abuse attorney' in the above article to take the time to have them advise you. Good luck!

Please give Dr. Virginia Vincenti a call, she is heading up a Univ of Wyo. working group on this topic. I spoke with her and she would like more specific information to help guide you to resolution of this question. Her hone is 307-399-9753 email is: Vincenti@uwyo.edu

I forwarded contact information to you for Virginia Vincenti who is willing to help you, she asked me to tell you to give her a call or email her. It loaded in the response you received out of Oregon.

Also check with your Adult Protection Services through the Wy Dept of Family Services or your Senior Center for Park County specific resource.

Virginia is heading up a group which is compiling research regarding and resources for a soon to be released Elder Family Financial Exploitation Awareness and Prevention program in Wyoming.

I'm in the Extension office in Jackson, should you need more info.
Mary Martin
Area Community Development Educator