Asked February 23, 2019, 1:10 AM EST

I would like to grow a small meadow in the space I have. Do you still do soil analysis? Do you have information on growing meadows for bees and other insects?

Montgomery County Maryland

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The University of Maryland no longer operates a soil testing lab. However, we do maintain a current list of other labs you can use. You will find everything about soil testing here on our website.
Here is the list of recommended labs.
Choose any lab on this list, visit their website, and download their soil test submission form. You can mail your soil sample in any small plastic bag, along with your submission form and payment.

Meadows typically grow on poor soils and the first step to establishing a meadow is actually to remove turfgrass and topsoil. Here are instructions and resources on how to make a native meadow.

You might be interested in looking at our information on other lawn alternatives as well.

To support bees and other insects, we recommend adding native plants into your landscape. Here are several that are recommended for Maryland.

Additional good practices and resources for supporting beneficial insects are listed here: