Blueberry Transplant

Asked February 21, 2019, 8:03 PM EST

I need to move my blueberries. They are three years old. One is doing well and the other is struggling. The one doing well gets lots of sun. The other not as much. I want to move them close to a camellia tree where I can keep the soil a bit more acidic. The one doing well has buds that are just emerging. Is it too late to transplant?

Multnomah County Oregon blueberries

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Blueberries can be pruned November thru March. This year they should have been pruned in late February. Prune them ASAP.

Fertilize with a handful of ammonium sulfate in March, April, My and June or a shovel full of good compost each of those months.

They’ll do best when immediately planted where they’re intended to grow. You may be interested in these publications: 1. “Growing Blueberries in Your Home Garden” says northern highbush cultivars for “ home gardens in Oregon include (in order of ripening): ‘Duke’, ‘Earliblue’, ‘Spartan’, ‘Patriot’, ‘Bluecrop’, ‘Jersey’, ‘Blueray’, ‘Legacy’, ‘Chandler’, and ‘Elliott’. 2. “Blueberry Cultivars for Oregon” 3. “Acidifying Soil for Blueberries and Ornamental Plants in the Yard and Garden”

Good info. Is it too late to transplant if the buds are starting to sprout?

Based upon the referenced information, this may be a good time to transplant and closely monitor the results.