Planting Pollinators: Climate Driven Decline in Arthropod Abundance

Asked February 21, 2019, 9:27 AM EST

After reading about the climate driven decline in arthropod abundance and its disturbing implications for the survival of life on our delicate planet (, I would like to not only plant as many Michigan-native pollinators as I can in my own garden, but I would also like to gift seed packets to local community gardens, friends, and family. Unfortunately, I am living on a tight budget. Where can I buy seeds for Michigan native pollinators as cheaply as possible? Buying in bulk and creating my own seed packets is not a problem.

Macomb County Michigan

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I am glad you are interested in sustaining plants and pollinators. There is a Michigan Native Plant Producers association, and one or more of the producers may have seed in bulk for sale. Here is their website listing-

Other links that have pollinator plant information and linis to more sources-

Remember that many natives will produce seed that can be saved, and with the correct seed cleaning/saving techniques, you can grow a few plants and save seed for yourself and others-

I hope this gets you started! Thank you for using our service.

Thank you so much for your detailed and helpful response!

You are very welcome, glad to help.