palm plants diseases

Asked February 20, 2019, 2:28 PM EST

I have a palm plant that is about 4 feet tall. after brining it inside for the winter is has developed dark brown bloches on the stems especially at the base of the plant. it has also developed white dots on the leaves. what can i do to save the plant? Nancy mccarthy

Worcester County Maryland

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There are many, many types of palms, the large majority of which are tropical in origin. Do you know what type of palm it is?
This can make them a bit challenging to keep as houseplants, especially in the winter when light is low and where our forced heat is hot and dry, lacking humidity.
Give it the brightest light you can and increase humidity by standing the pot on a saucer full of moist pebbles.
Spider mites and scale insects can be problematic, especially in dry air.
Here is a page that contains a link to them to compare with what you are seeing:

It would help us to see photos of the issues you are concerned about. They can be attached, 3 at a time to this reply. Take both close up and further away, and we'll take a look.