House plant (drasiscus) question

Asked February 20, 2019, 12:16 PM EST

We've got two drasiscus (sp) plants and considering taking a cutting off each to start new pottings. Is this possible? Pictures attached. Thank you, Jim Moore Rochester mn 507-358-4591

Olmsted County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question. In the middle of a long Minnesota winter, especially on a snowy February afternoon, what could be better than tending to your Dracaena plant (pretty sure that is what you have). More specifically I suspect that it is Dracaena marginata as that is the most common though it might be a different species. Regardless of the species, the following two sites deal with making cuttings:

Check out the following site that shows several images of Dracaena just to be sure that this is the type of plant you have:

Good luck!!