How to protect paper birch tree seedlings from deer

Asked February 19, 2019, 2:49 PM EST

We have a 40 acre parcel located @ 25 minutes north of Grand Rapids. The property has a diverse mixture of red/white pines, balsam, aspen, silver maple, and birch. There is a stand of birch that has several very large mature trees, but, we are concerned that due to deer consuming all the seedlings that we will ultimately lose them all. Is there anything that we can do to protect the birch seedlings? Thank you, Desiree

Itasca County Minnesota

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About all you can do is put a wire cage around them to protect them or fence off the whole area to keep them out. Electric fence works well. There is a product called Plantskydd that smells terrible and will keep them away but that isn't the most economical solution probably. Sometimes people have some success with fish line strung around the perimeter of the area too. When the deer bump into it they seem to leave. You may have to try a combination and see what seems to work the best. They also seem to like the new growth of white pines as well. Here is a link to some info from the DNR.