Rooftop Urban Gardening

Asked February 16, 2019, 1:55 PM EST

Hi, Some of our block is going to be trying some urban gardening on our decks. What is good to grow in pots/ planters on deck? Also, what trees or shrubs are good to keep on a rooftop deck year round (in pots) to add some life to the rooftop? Thank you for your help.

Baltimore Maryland

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Container gardening is perfect for you!
Whether you are looking for a pot of annual flowers overflowing with color, or are hoping to grow some vegetables and herbs, it can be done.
Take a look at this link:, including it's links,

and this one as well:

Container trees are a little more tricky as you want them to survive through all seasons. Virginia Tech has a good publication discussing that:

We'd also suggest contacting your Baltimore City Master Gardener Program that may be able to offer you help: