Community gardens in Otsego

Asked February 15, 2019, 2:53 PM EST

We have a location and the topsoil already donated. Would you guys assist with soil sampling and testing and advice on the watering system? Is the Kalamazoo river clean enough to water the gardens or should we do city water? This is all in a "planning stage" and we feel it would help with hunger as some food will be donated to pantries and some will be kept for the community gardeners and their household use. It is my desire to help with hunger and provide new cool things to do for Otsego people.

Allegan County Michigan

1 Response

Yes, MSU can assist you with soil testing. Please visit where you can order a soil testing kit. It comes with instructions for taking the soil samples and mailing them to the MSU Soils Laboratory.

For information about the water in the Kalamazoo River in the Otsego area, I recommend that you contact either the city offices or the Allegan County offices to learn more about the safety of the water in your area.

For gardening information, please visit You will information about irrigation and a host of other gardening topics at that website. If you have questions that aren't answered at that site, please contact us again.

Best wishes with your proposed community gardening project.