The best type of evergreen hedge bushes for zone 7 (Hermiston OR area)

Asked February 14, 2019, 6:33 AM EST

Hi, I have been told that planting arborvidae is not a good hedge to plant here in the Hermiston, OR area due to the dry extreme heat that we get in the summers. The main problem being the spider mite that infests the bush after they have withstood a long dry season. But, I also came across an article where a gentleman discovered how to combat this problem. He also pointed out that it isn't just a problem related to one type of tree, that this can happen to other species of trees. I was also told by a local nursery that I could invest (each tree is rather costly) in a different type of evergreen for a hedge. (I don't remember if they said it was the juniper or what specific name they gave it). I would like to plant a very large amount of these for wind barrier and privacy, so a really expensive tree is not an option. I have also been told that there are better drought hardy hedges (other than evergreen), but I really want the look of evergreen as opposed to other bushes that have been suggested. I am also trying to write a research paper regarding this matter. Can you please point me in the right direction for better information on this subject? Sincerely, Sarah

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There are lots of options, but the species depend both on climate and the particular objectives for the windbreak. As a starting point, I suggest downloading and reading Trees Against the Wind. It provides a great overview of considerations for windbreaks, and you'll note that in many cases multi-species plantings are recommended. The combination provides better overall wind management, and the diversity helps mitigate insect issues. If the publication doesn't answer all of your questions, feel free to contact me directly.