Sad Aloe

Asked February 14, 2019, 3:36 AM EST

Hello, everybody. I am in desperate need of help.

I actually live in Huntington, but this web page would not let me ask the question then due to no agents available to help.

This past summer, I bought my first aloe vera and potted it. It did amazing.. it bloomed twice before bringing in it for the winter.

Well, the mother had 3 aloe pups... and we may have waited too long to propagate it... because the mother aloe was so root bound and the leaves were turning and dying..

They all were repotted.. with succulent soil and gravel, so it was much better than the soil the mother had to begin with, because it was just regular dirt for flowers outside..

Anyways, I brought one of the pups to my apartment in hope to find it better sunlight. The sunlight at my mother's was not adequate. The mother got taken to my boyfriend's, because he has a great window for lots of sun light.. and I thought maybe that would help it.

The pup I have now looks like a full grown plant, and it seemed healthy until a few days after I brought it over. All the leaves are drooped down, bad brown spots on it.. like mushy.. and some leaves are turning brown... most of all the tips are brown and wilted, too. The plant still has a lot of green, but in the center of the plant, it is as if the fat, green leaves are going to fall off any second if breathed on. One of the healthy leaves did fall off.. but around the center of where the main part of the leaves is, at the bottom it seems to be some purple goo that the plant is producing. Is that normal?

I thought about taking this pup over to my boyfriend's too, to get the sun light that it does not have here yet. I want to try to save it before I lose it...

But other then sunlight, I'm not sure what is wrong. It is not root bound or rotted because it was just replanted. It is not over watered or eveunderwater.

West Virginia

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Thanks for your questions. There a couple of care facts you don’t mention. How often have you watered or fertilized it? Does the pot it is in have drainage? The major mistake gardeners make in caring for aloe as well as other succulents is to water too much and/or too often. And, if the plant sits in wet soil, it begins to be destroyed by fungi in the soil. That causes root rot, which you coudn’t see unless you removed the roots from the pot. The only symptom above soil level will be browning and softening of the leaves. You might still be able to propagate a healthy leaf into a new plant, and, once it is established, only water as often as indicated in this article: Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Hello! Thank you for your reply to my question. However, when this aloe was propagated, it had healthy roots on it. It was planted about a month ago and seemed very healthy until bam..
The pot that it is in has a drainage hole. It has not been overwatered, but it is about to get a drink of water soon. The leaves are starting to turn purple, and I have not been able to find a lot of information on exactly what it is doing, though.

Thank you for your additional information. The following article indicates that purple leaves result from drought stress (as in not enough water):

The same source indicates that some varieties also turn purple when the plant is under either drought or cold stress:

I'm afraid this is all I've been able to find to help you save your plant.