Sugar Maple

Asked February 13, 2019, 8:38 PM EST

Dear AAE,
I'm looking to replace aspens that have died in my south facing front yard. I liked the aspen for their columnar shape. I am thinking of replacing them with sugar maples. I have seen warnings regarding Autumn Blaze so am looking at Commemoration. Do you have research on that variety? Also, do you have any advice on how to find reputable tree vendors?

Adams County Colorado

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Hey Judy,

I have no personal experience with 'Commemoration' but it is listed as having thick textured leaves and being somewhat tolerant of alkaline soils (which are common to our area). My guess is it would be an ok choice.

My favorite sugar maple for our area is Caddo sugar maple which is native to an area of Oklahoma with soils very similar to ours. Autumn blaze definitely can have problems in our area and I would personally avoid it.

We are lucky that we have lots of very reliable local garden centers. If you are shopping at one of them you can be pretty sure you are buying good plant material. Look for trees with no broken branches, disease or insect issues or other obvious defects such as damaged bark. Also, bigger is not always better, starting with smaller trees can lead to quicker establishment and actually produce a larger tree more quickly.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have further questions.