Frozen Geranium

Asked February 13, 2019, 3:33 PM EST

Dear Extension Center, My geranium was outside and got really cold. I'm curious if it dies because the roots freeze or the top freezes? If one but not both freeze can it still survive? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jennifer Lekisch

King County Washington

1 Response

Might have a 50:50 chance on this one. The top is most likely dead as you indicated. I know you had a lot of snow int he last few weeks. The roots are another story. If your geranium was in a pot the chances are less. The roots might have frozen but it takes longer for that to happen. It will all depend on how long it was below freezing and if the roots froze at some point. If the plant was in the ground then chances are better than it might survive. The snow acts as insulation and the ground does not get nearly as cold as fast. Again it will depend on how long and how cold the soil got.
Bottom line - hold on to it and if it grows this spring then great. If not, time to get a new one. I am sure you find plenty at local garden shops.