Cutting down buckthorn

Asked February 13, 2019, 7:39 AM EST

I have two large buckthorn trees in my backyard that I would like to cut down. When is the best time to cut them and what do I treat the stumps with to keep them from rebounding?

St. Louis County Minnesota

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The most effective time to cut and chemically treat the stumps is in late summer and throughout the fall. Avoid treating buckthorn in May and June when the tree is putting out leaves as the herbicide will be less effective at this time then during the rest of the year.

Herbicides can be applied to cut stumps with a paint-brush, wick applicator or a low volume sprayer. When using water-soluble herbicide products like most brush killers, Garlon 3A/Vastlan, or any of the glyphosate products, treat only the cut surface. When using oil-based products like Garlon 4 or Pathfinder II, treat the cut surface and the remaining bark to the ground line. For more imformation check