Wanting to pair my lone egg laying geese with a new gander to get fertized eggs.

Asked February 13, 2019, 4:02 AM EST

I had 2 female geese for about 3-4 years . I just used to collect their eggs to eat as I didn't had any gander to fertilize them . About 2 months ago one of my geese died . Which left the other alone . Yesterday it started laying eggs so I thought of buying a new gander to fertilize new eggs for hatching . So I bought a new gander yesterday . These two seem like they are not going together well . They walk seperately and when food is given they peck each other , though the male is not very aggressive . Still the female leaves and go to other place .

So thinking can I get fertized eggs from this new pair in this season . As it started laying new eggs from yesterday .


Outside United States

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If they do not mate, you will not getting any fertilized eggs. They have to mate at least once. If she has already started laying she may not want to mate.

Should I enclose them in a small space ? Will it help in any way ?

It may help. Don’t make it too small or they may fight. It will give them time to get to know each other.

Ok thanks for your response :)

My geese laid this egg , which I incubated for 24 hours and cracked to look for the bull's eye in the yolk

Is this white spot in the egg bulls eye , was it fertile ?

From the photo I don’t think it was fertile. The white spot is the germinal disc. If fertilized the white spot would be bigger with clear spot in the middle. Next time you try, incubate for three days. It will be more obvious if it is fertile or not.

How many days after mating eggs becomes fertilzed ? Both male and female seems to have developed a good relationship from yesterday , but I didn't observe them mating . Today she she laid an egg . Should a incubate it ?

By the way Today's egg is her third egg and the picture is of the second egg .

It will take at least 24 hours after mating. Waiting 48 hours is recommended.