Jack in the pulpit seedlings

Asked February 12, 2019, 8:58 PM EST

Hi, I harvested jack in the pulpit seeds this past fall. I planted about a dozen of them which all sprouted. I have lost them one at a time over the past month. I am down to three and one of those is dying. They are about 5 inches tall with one leaf. They look healthy, then turn pale, then brownish then while it seems they don’t even wilt, they die from the top down. I have varied the water with the same result no matter more or less water. They are on a warming mat. The indoor temp varies between 60-70. They receive light from a west facing window. I know another direction would be preferable, but this is the only place I can have them and doesn’t seem to be the issue since they die one at a time. I have more seeds but would like to get more info before I plant them. Any advise would be helpful.

Ramsey County Minnesota jack in the pulpit

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I am sorry I answered your question days ago and for some reason the answer didn’t post, probably because of a slow internet connection. Congratulations on getting them to germinate, most gardeners fail at this. I suspect the problem may be watering and lack of light. Jack in the Pulpit require damp but not wet soil. Transplanting the seedlings as soon as the leaf is about an inch long to a two inch pot might make it easier to monitor soil moisture and never let it dry out or saturate. It can be a tricky balance. The seedling also needs more light. The sick one is very tall and spindly. A full spectrum light bulb would be best but more light from any lamp will help. It should be about 4 inches from the top of the seedlings. There are several YouTube videos on line about propagating Jack in the Pulpits and they might provide some ideas about what has worked for others.