Yard Erosion

Asked February 12, 2019, 4:43 PM EST

I recently bought a house in Oldham County. All the rain we've had is causing the hill on the back of my property to erode. What are some solutions for quick fix and long term? Photo attached. The "creek" is the french drain that can't handle our recent deluge.

Oldham County Kentucky

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The quick solution would be to install the straw mats used for establishing grass on slopes. These are pined in place and will slow the erosion. You can seed with a perennial rye grass under the mats. The mats are available from garden centers. For the long term you will need to establish turf or a ground cover under the trees. The grass that is there is weak and stressed because of the shade and competition with the trees for moisture and nutrients.
I would recommend running a soil test for the area and determining how much shade you have. A shade grass blend would be a good choice for the area.
Fertilize in October or November at the recommended rate based on the soil test.
For additional information about soil testing and turf establishment contact the Oldham County Extension Service at 502-222-9453.