Mineral vitamin supplement for horse with Cushings IR and laminitis

Asked February 12, 2019, 2:54 PM EST

If I may ask one more question. What is the best way to give vitamin and mineral supplements to this horse. She is not crazy about mineral blocks

Washington County Arkansas

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It's hard to answer without more information, but you might consider a ration balancer. All major feed companies manufacture ration balancers. Ration balancers often look like pellets, but think of them as "daily vitamins", like a One-A-Day or Centrum that a human would take. Ration balancers typically contain high protein, with essential amino acids (important for muscle maintenance and many other functions - don't be afraid of higher protein!) They should also be low in starch and sugar, appropriate for a horse with metabolic issues and/or laminitis. The feeding rate is very low on these products (0.5-2.5 pounds/day for a 1000-pound horse, depending on the overall diet and manufacturer recommendations). Check with your local feed dealer to see which products are available to you. If you still have questions on how to feed a particular product, call the manufacturer's customer service line and ask to speak to a nutritionist. Hope this helps.