Asked February 12, 2019, 2:21 PM EST

My lawn is a quagmire. It's turning into a lake. I want to add soil and grow moss. Very, very shady in summer, some little sun in winter. north side. I have moss in backyard and love it. Can anyone help me find a landscaper or someone to help?

Montgomery County Maryland

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We are thrilled to hear that you realize that this is a very difficult area to try and grow a traditional lawn. Even better that you appreciate moss, which can be very lovely.
You/your landscaper will need to figure out the drainage issues, and may even consider a 'rain garden' for the lowest spots. These are areas that are planted with native plants that don't mind wet areas.
Here is more about that:

There are landscapers that are certified through the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional organization that may be helpful with what you have in mind there. You can search their site here: