Strange growths on my Ash Tree

Asked February 12, 2019, 11:49 AM EST

I have an 20 year old Autumn Purple Ash in my back yard which developed strange growths on the tips of the branches. They were green round growths 2-3 inches in diameter which are now still on the tree and are brown. I believe they are caused by mites. The tree has them on 2/3 of the branches. I do not want to lose the tree. What is my best course of action? The tree does need pruning also.

Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs

1 Response

It could be several things. Any chance you can send me some photos?

As an alternative, you can take a sample to the Arapahoe county extension office. (Cut off a 12 - 18 inch branch.) There is a small fee for them to diagnose the problem, but they might be more accurate than me diagnosing from a photo.

Here's their contact information.