Cuterebra larva

Asked February 12, 2019, 3:22 AM EST

Hi, I found a cuterebra larva on my bathroom floor today. Freaky! So after watching them get pulled out of cat's noses they have my full attention! I have two cats and a dog that don't show any symptoms. Did it fall out of my boot? A hand truck delivery service? We had kids sledding? Drag it up off the ground while sledding? Would I know it if I or my kids were living hosts? Thanks, Chris Lyda.

Washington County Oregon

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I am trying to contact a veterinary entomologist for help with your question. I will reply in more detail when I have reliable information.

Dr. Estill

Sorry for the delay but I have not had a response from the veterinary entymologist I contacted by email. I will give this my best shot. It is hard to say where the larva you found came from and I agree it does look like cuterebra closer examination is needed to confirm. Thes larva typically fall/crawl out of the breathing hole in the skin of the animal that harbored it so it obviously originated in an animal but I don't know how it ended up on your bathroom floor.

It is not impossible for humans to get infected but it is quite rare. To become infected the fly (adult form) would have had to lay eggs in or near a wound.