Squash beetles and smaller bugs in ripening cling fruit

Asked February 10, 2019, 7:58 AM EST

I live in Hermiston, OR; Umatilla county. Every year I fight what I call squash beetles that bore into and ultimately kill my squash plants. What can I do to kill them? Also every year we get a smaller bug (beetle?) that starts attaching our Apricots and Peaches just when they start to ripen. They seem to come out of nowhere and ruin every fruit that they bore in to. What to do? Thank you

Umatilla County Oregon

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Are the insects boring into the squash vines or into the fruit? Can you describe their appearance (size, color)? I have two ideas for what the problem could be.

Can you describe the insect that is damaging your peaches (size, and color). Also, what does the damage look like? There are a few insects that like to attack nearly ripe stone fruit.

Finally, I would highly suggest taking some of these insects to your local Master Gardeners to get a positive ID and some management suggestions. It is always best to have some high quality pictures or specimens when making pest management suggestions.

The squash beetle is fairly large, about 3/4" long and half that wide. They bore into the vines which kills the plant.
I'll take some of the cling fruit bugs to the OSU extension service station this summer when they show up.