Asked February 9, 2019, 8:55 PM EST

I just put a one inch rock in my chickens fenced yard. It was so muddy they were black. I did this before I thought about their scratching and feet. Can I put something on top of it or should I shovel it out. It’s about 4 inches deep.

Fayette County Illinois

1 Response

The rock will get pushed into the mud as the chickens walk on it. If this will remain a chicken run for the foreseeable future, leave the rock and cover it with some type of bedding - straw (preferably chopped to shorter stalks), or soft wood shavings (pine or fir), or other materials that may be available in your area. Add more bedding as the birds walk it in. I will break down over time and by next winter will probably be mostly gone. Depending on the number of birds, the manure/bedding mixture will compost over time so top dressing will be necessary over time.

Don't use moldy bedding. Some molds can be problematic for chickens.