Unknown evergreen shrub (?) in hedgerow

Asked February 9, 2019, 12:14 PM EST

Can you identify this evergreen shrub or small tree, now about 5 feet tall that I just noticed last year growing in the hedgerow/right of way between houses? it looks lIke pictures of Jimson weed but it has remained green all year like an evergreen. Columbia, MD. It is growing under black walnut trees. It appears to be independent of the kudzu vine (probably kudzu) nearby.

Howard County Maryland

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This shrub looks like it may be Mahonia bealei, leatherleaf mahonia. This is becoming increasingly invasive in the wild and in domestic landscapes. Some species of birds relish the blue berries and spread it. It can tolerate poor conditions and shade. A distinguishing feature are the Flowers. Long spires of flowers can start upright and then hang down and develop into huge clusters of grape like berries. Remove this shrub if possible. Otherwise, prune off the fruit so birds do not spread it.
Take a look at the link from Maryland Biodiversity for more photos