NPK, is there a organic equal? Tea plantation using 25-5-5 and

Asked February 8, 2019, 11:29 AM EST

We are collaborating with a prominent Kenyan Tea Plantation/Tea Manufacturing Plant who has been consulting with ECOCERT about procedures is moving to USDA Certified Organic tea. USDA/NOP have been quite helpful. Do you have any suggestions? The 36 month transition period mandated by the USDA is understandable based upon half-life values is untenable. Any suggestions?

Suffolk County Massachusetts

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There are organic fertilizers that can be substituted for 25-5-5 but you are probably going to have to use 2 or 3 different fertilizer products. For instance, bloodmeal (15-0-0) could be used to supply the nitrogen, bonemeal (1-11-0) could be used to supply the phosphorus and sul-po-mag (0-0-22) could be used to supply the potassium. I am not sure if these are available where the plantation is located. You'd have to find out what would be available locally and then do some basic math to figure out the amount.

I can't help you with the 3 year transition, however. I believe this is required of all US Certified Organic Growers when they transition.