Asked February 8, 2019, 9:51 AM EST

I know in stocks 1 means buy, 2 means hold, and 3 means sell. Im a newbie to the stock market. But today on my cron and aurora cannibus stocks it showed a 4 by the little bell in red. What does the 4 mean. Thank you for your help.

Lee County Florida

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Without knowing what firm or tracking system you are using it is hard to really say what the (4) stands for. Investopedia breaks the system down as follows:
1 - Buy (Strong Buy) 2 - Outperform (moderate buy, accumulate, over-weight, add) 3 - Hold (Neutral) 4 - Underperform (Moderate sell, weak hold, Underweight, Reduce) 5 - sell (Strong sell)
Yahoo finance sets their numbering system as follows: 1 - Strong Buy 2- Buy 3 - Hold 4 - Underperform 5 - Sell
Yahoo is showing Aurora as a buy, and Cron downgraded to a hold from a buy