Soil testing

Asked February 7, 2019, 10:25 PM EST

How do I have a soil test done? Where do I purchase a soil sample test?

Dakota County Minnesota

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Congratulations on wanting to do soil testing. It can often be the best step to take in order to get good planting results. Soil testing kits can be purchased at a variety of garden centers. However, I would encourage you NOT to go this route. Such test kits are typically rather inaccurate. Moreover, such kits will not generally make fertilizer recommendations.

The University of Minnesota has an excellent soil testing laboratory. For most Master Gardeners, it is the “go-to” place when we want meaningful soil analyses and concise recommendations. All the information and forms necessary to submit soil samples can be found at:

If after having your soil tested and having received the results, we would be glad to help you interpret them.

Good luck with your gardening!