Is it a mite?

Asked February 7, 2019, 5:49 PM EST

Hi there,

May I know is it a mite and what kind of mite is it? Why it comes to my home and what do they feed on? And what should we do next.

We found that little dust firstly at home, near the area we have a digital piano and a dehumidifier - the humidity at my home is always higher than 70%. I collected some sample and used a torch to observe them, they are moving little bugs... Also used a 100x microscope and taken a picture of them.

They don't appear very frequently, but after seeing its body under microscope, I m a bit worry it may make kid allergy.

Thank you so much!


Outside United States

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It is a mite! hard to know what type. Take some to a local University and they may be able to ID the bug.

Thanks for your help! Mite is a name Iike a nightmare. :¦

Do you know any expert in hk is willing to help?
It is not common, at least we are not used to seek help from universities for this kind of problem.

Nevermind if the answer is no. :)

Mites do not have to be a nightmare. Most of them do not harm us at all, and they may be there due to some moisture issue, or other factor.

I do not know anyone in Hong Kong. You are better off calling a reputable pest control company and getting their advice.

Good Luck!

:) Thanks a lot. Will make a call to pest control company.