Asked February 7, 2019, 4:39 AM EST

Please provide information.I have a LARGE clump of and would like to divide and plant as a hedge . ?s when,how deep a root ball to dig,how large should portions be etc ,etc.

Calvert County Maryland shrubs invasive plant care

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March is the beginning of the planting and transplanting season for woody landscape plants like Nandina. Transplants should be set into the ground at the same depth as they were in the original planting. It is really up to you as far as how big the divided portions should be. Keep at least 2-3 stems in a clump, at a minimum. You could transplant larger sections if you want groupings that are more substantial.

Please be aware that this is an invasive plant in Maryland. Its berries are toxic to some types of wildlife (birds). It is no longer recommended for home gardens, even though it is still available in garden centers and nurseries. There is more information about Nandina here: