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Asked February 6, 2019, 8:05 PM EST

I need to re-build my grass this coming spring. The yard is shaded completely by mature maple and ash. The soil is clay in Littleton. What seed blend do I need to look for? Which producers have the best lines of seed for this application?

Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf

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Hello there,

To begin with, fine fescues for tall fescues are good grasses for shady areas. You will need to decide which one you prefer.

Here is a document that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the two types.

Here's some additional information on fine fescues if you decide to go with that type of grass.

Once you have decided, here is some information on the varieties of fescues that we recommend.

And here are some sources for grass seed in Colorado.

Taking care of turf in shaded areas is a little bit different. So check out this link on how to take care of lawns in the shade.

Finally, you may already know this, but here's some information on how to "renovate your lawn." That is, how to reseed it.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all of this information. Good luck.