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Asked February 6, 2019, 2:25 PM EST

My garden will be about 35x80 I plan on using drip irrigation for the second year in a row. How far apart should I be using drip lines and was thinking of using straw as a mulch for weed control and was wondering what anyone thought. A good blog recommendations would be appreciated also was thinking of tilling in cow manure before planting or should I wait till fall for that. I have chicken manure I put on it last fall. Not filled in yet.

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One of the advantages to drip irrigation is the ability to put the water where it is needed. Spacing between drip lines really depends on the crop and soil. Check out the following link:

For plants with small root systems one line per row can work. For plants with large root systems, two lines per row may be needed. Of course, the crop spacing will determine the spacing between rows. There are several suppliers for drip equipment that offer good information on how to set up a system.

Although not a blog, here is some good resources:

Straw can keep soils cool, retain moisture, and keep weeds down. Growth from seeds in the straw can pose problems.

As for applying manures, it is suggested that the manure be well composted, or applied a minimum of 90 days prior to planting to avoid contaminating the crop.

I hop this is helpful,

I hope this is helpful,