grafting wax

Asked February 1, 2019, 2:06 PM EST

I've always used commercial brands. Looking at YouTube recently I've seen where "pros" use all sorts of concoctions -- wound sealing paint, silicone caulk, paraffin wax, Elmer's wood glue (and it's replacement) -- with good results. Before I spend a lot of money on another couple pounds of the "commercial" goop, would you recommend something less expensive? Apple and pear trees.

Benton County Oregon

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As you have found, there are a boat load of grafting/budding materials. I looked for research to see if I could find a good report on evaluating the different materials and did not find one.

The old black asphalt - do not use.
Wax if heated/melted - can burn tissue.

Oregon Bag Company in Canby has a newer product that many of the bigger growers use.

This is more of a latex paint than a wax. The key point is keeping the graft/bud union covered until the tissue connects without damaging the tissue or buds. The product is expensive but works well. Try the smaller bottle.