sap bags exclusively from the video from Michael Farrell from 2014.

Asked January 31, 2019, 3:02 PM EST

We really want to get our hands on about 50 of the bags from the video.
Michael says in the video they are the bags used in the manufacture of soda syrup which comes in a box and mixes with water and CO2. A bar or restaurant serves soda pop from it. Carbonated soda.
We aren't having any luck locating this particular bag.
Can you help? Can you ask Michael Farrell? I see he has left Cornell.

Hamilton County Ohio

2 Responses

I did a quick look online and found several companies that sell bags like the one shown in the video. I don't think the specific brand is important. It appears that these Bag In Box, B.I.B., bags have some basic industry standards. There are also a number of spout or spigot types that are made by a number of companies for these bag-in-box bags.
I will continue to try and find out the specific bag shown in the video. Until then, here are a couple of companies that I found. If you have follow up questions, please send me an email,

I was able to contact Mike Farrell regarding the bags he mentions in the maple sugaring YouTube video. He said they purchased the bags long ago through an Amish company in Ohio. He doesn't remember the details. However, he said any bag-in-box bag of an appropriate size will work.

I hope this helps.
Rich Straight