6ft tall money tree

Asked January 31, 2019, 11:53 AM EST

Hello, I have had a money tree for 22 years as a house plant with only 1 stalk (not braided ) and it is about 6 feet tall with only shoots at the top of the plant and a couple of small new growth at the bottom of the plant close to the dirt. As the plant grows the stems and leaves fall off and keeps getting taller. My question is can you cut the main stalk making the plant shorter with out killing the plant and will it grow new stems and leaves? Thank you,Angelia Romero

Lane County Oregon

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ll references say to prune dead, dying or broken leaves.

I find no reference to pruning the main stock.

Try this, about 12 inches down there are "bud" bumps along the tree stem.

In march, take a knife and cut the tree bumps along the main trunk. These cut 95% of the time will grow new limbs. So once a year in march you can cause new branches to grow from the main stock.

The Master Gardeners hav a good book on less known tropical plants. Come into the OSU Extension Service, 996 Jefferson Street, Eugene, m-th 10-1 or 2-5 and read about monkey trees.