Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Asked January 29, 2019, 5:52 PM EST

Can you suggest shade trees that are resistant to bacterial leaf scorch? I have several oaks that are infected. Two were removed but two are still healthy enough to remain in place for several more years. I would like to start new trees to replace them now, so that I don't lose all of my shade. Am considering tulip poplar, cherry, and river birch. Are these resistant? Are there others I should think about before selecting for spring planting? Magnolia? Beech?

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This publication from the University of Deleware lists some trees with resistance to Bacterial Leaf Scorch and other factors that you should know:

They are finding that the red oak and pin oak group are most negatively affected.

Here is our page on Bacterial Leaf Scorch with more information and a video on the subject:

Was the Bacterial Leaf Scorch diagnosed in a diagnostic lab?
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