identify pictures?

Asked January 29, 2019, 3:23 PM EST

Does anyone know what this is in my shower? I've asked mgt to fix, but has not done so for months. Is it mold? mildew?

Ionia County Michigan

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the pictures are kind of dark -- could you send some that are a bit lighter by chance?

No, I'm sorry, I can't as my friend took them for me. However, the walls are that pretty much that dark, as shown, if that helps at all..thanks for trying to help!

I called the local health department asking if someone could come and look, but they said they don't do that. ( I sent picture to mgt in August and still no help! ) and this is a federally subsidized housing.

The Ionia County Health Department, Environmental Health division has some educational information about identifying and dealing with mold and mildew. Please contact them at 616-527-5341 or stop by their office on Adams Street in Ionia.

yes, I am aware of that, but thank you. sure seems like they would have some kind of inspector to make home visits as both environmental and health issues are involved instead of "good luck with that." The entire place---all units--are likely contaminated. The wink and a nod "inspections" are a farce. The issues far exceed this one.

I contacted HUD to ask what to do and this is the response I received from this email

Housing.Counseling <> and CC:

"In order to better respond to your customer’s request, please provide the name address and telephone number of the renter."

I suggest you communicate with HUD directly by email since I do not have your name or contact information. Or call the HUD Complaint Line at (800) 669-9777