Asked January 29, 2019, 1:04 PM EST

Have this weed coming up in our garden. Looks like someone spread it on purpose. We had a weed free garden this summer, but did bring in compost. Could it have been in it? Do you know what it is? How can we eradicate it? I have been hoeing it up. Thanks.

Douglas County Oregon

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Hi, thanks for your question. Your image looks like one of the bittercresses (Cardamine), possibly little western bittercress or hairy bittercress. Many weeds are edible, including bittercress, and more flavorful when the leaves are youngish, as with other greens. Take a look at the images and information on
the following websites to confirm the identification before you consider eating it. If you are not interested in harvesting it, but just making it go away, your practice of hoeing it is a good one. The plants are pretty easy to hand weed, too. Be sure to get rid of the plants before they go to seed as that is how they spread. The flower pods literally explode and can shoot as far as 3 feet per pod.