I am on village council in Cheshire, Oh. We would like the best information...

Asked January 28, 2019, 11:54 AM EST

I am on village council in Cheshire, Oh. We would like the best information available about natural mosquito control. What recommendations do you have?

Gallia County Ohio

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In the Cheshire location it is going to be difficult to control the Mosquito population. The proximity to the wetlands and standing water provide excellent breeding grounds for mosquito. Draining sources of standing water will help. Standing water can be in ditches not draining properly, fish ponds, bird bathes, old tires, basically anything that holds water for more than a few days at a time will provide breeding grounds for mosquito. The most successful control methods for a large area (village) would be to have the area sprayed. County Health Departments offer this service.
As far a natural control methods encouraging bats, and mosquito eating birds will help to some extent.
Bug zappers are not encouraged because they are ineffective and also kill many beneficial insects.
Claims of mosquito repelling plants have not been scientifically proven to do anything.
Here is a link from the University of Maryland that talks about control.