Lilac with bracket fungi and white rot fungi

Asked January 28, 2019, 12:38 AM EST

My old lilac has had bracket fungi for a few years, and now I noticed white rot fungi too (I think). I know there is nothing I can do to save the shrub, but could it spread to my other trees? There are cedars nearest it, and fruit trees quite a far distance in the other part of the yard.
Should I cut it down and dispose of it? I can't burn the wood, it would have to be either in the regular garbage or in our green waste. Our trash company makes compost from the green waste, so would it be okay to use this wood?
If I remove it, is the area contaminated for a while?

Jackson County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. It appears that your lilac is dead, and that nature’s normal (and valuable) organisms are returning it to the earth, to be used for future plants’ nourishment and growth. These are fungi whose ‘job’ is to break down tissue to make is components reuseable. They are not harmful to you, and they are critical to the plant world’s life cycle. Please do not burn them. If you have no place to move the plant to another part of your property, where the fungi can keep recycling, find a forest, reserve or another ‘safe’ place for them. Here is an article on what is happening: There will be no contamination, regardless of your choice. Just let nature work. Good luck!

Thank you. I was concerned it might be something that could spread to other trees. I'll leave it be for now, a few branches have buds, then move to the far end of my property to rot away! The bracket fungi is really rather beautiful.

This type of fungus grows only on dead wood, so as long as your other trees are healthy, they won’t get ‘infected.’ And they are gorgeous! Check this out: