Bumblebees in house in winter

Asked January 27, 2019, 11:08 AM EST

I have found 4 large bumblebees in my house in the last week. It is mid winter here in the Niagara Region and -20 C outside. They are sluggish and I believe coming out of my Xmas cactus that spend the summer outside in my gardens. Would they nest in 10 inch plant pots and be waking up now? I have been moving cactus in and out during seasons for 30 years without this happening.

Niagara County New York

1 Response

They are most likely queens who buried themselves in the soil to hibernate for the winter. Bringing the plant inside, the soil remained warm enough over time that it triggered the bees to come out, thinking it is late spring or early summer and time to start a new colony.