I would like info on repotting very old (22 years) Rex Begonias.

Asked January 26, 2019, 3:16 PM EST

I have five Rex Begonias that have been in pots for 22 years! They seem to do well, even tho they spend the winter in the east window of our unheated walkout basement. The temp gets down to 40-50 degrees. The stems are so old they loop and wind around the pots. One time I took a piece of stem that looked dead, put it in a pot and it grew a new plant. My Rex's must be very hardy!

Dawes County Nebraska

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Thank you for your question. With your success, you could be giving advice! Most gardeners propagate these from cuttings, and don’t bother with repotting. If the plants are healthy and flowering, they must not be pot bound which would require a larger container. But, if you want to move them, here is an Extension article about that process: https://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheet/indoor-plants-transplanting-repotting/ As these are relatively delicate plants, you might want to take some cuttings from the older plants to fill the ‘old’ pots, just to hedge your bets. This article mentions methods you can use, including one rather unique to this plant: https://hortnews.extension.iastate.edu/1992/4-15-1992/dedplant.html Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Kristena, Thank you for your quick reply. I found the sites you offered to be helpful. My Mom made these plants from the gift Rex I gave her 22 years ago. She used the leaf method. Her thumb was so green I think she could have made a yard stick grow!
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So good to make contact with you, Jeanne! Just starting my 6th year. Most fun I’ve had in retirement! Keep exploring!