Sick of mites

Asked January 24, 2019, 8:45 PM EST

I have an infestation of mites seems that I have had all different t kinds some bite some just crawl but all annoying... now I got them that feel crystal glass on .y hands HELP. HELP
And I have tried everything

Suffolk County Massachusetts

1 Response

  • Have you consulted with a medical professional?
  • You say you have "tried everything." What methods have you tried to manage your infestation?
  • Have you had specimens from your infestation identified by a professional like an entomologist?
The first thing that I advise is: collect specimens, put them into a container, preserve them in rubbing alcohol, and submit the specimens to your local land-grant university Extension office to be identified by the university entomologist. There is usually a fee involved. Identification is the first step in management, therefore, we need to know exactly what pest we are dealing with before we (or your local Extension Agent) can make management recommendations. If no entomological source can be pinpointed, you will be directed to seek the advice of a medical professional as it would be outside of our scope of knowledge at that point.