Contact for soil testing

Asked January 23, 2019, 10:21 PM EST

before planting at a 5acre farm. Is there an appropriate phone or email to inquire about having soil testing done?

Columbia County Oregon small farms

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Soil testing is done to develop a fertilizer recommendation for a particular crop. The crop could be a pasture, mixed vegetables, strawberries, etc. Soil samples are taken with a soil probe. We have one at the Extension office we loan out. Assuming the ground appears to be more or less the sme over the five acres, you would take about ten 6-9 inch deep samples randomly over the field, putting them all together in a bucket. You then mix the samples together and take about a pint of soil to send to a lab. Here is a more detailed guide to taking a soil sample: Here are a list of labs that do the analysis: Turnaround time varies so call them before sending the sample. Prices are roughly $45-55 for a standard ag sample but check with them about that as well.
Feel free to call me at 503 397-3462 if you have more questions. Chip

Chip Bubl OSU Extension/Columbia County